Emily and Michael

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Our Story

Michael and Emily met after a Major Lazer concert at the Hangout Music Festival 2015 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Emily thought their meeting in the crowd was just a random coincidence. She later learned that Michael spotted her in the crowd and intentionally made sure they crossed paths. Shortly after meeting, Michael returned to Alaska where he was stationed with the Air Force. He then deployed to Afghanistan where he served for the next six months. Meanwhile, Emily was in Florida working on her masters degree. Thankfully, the Internet, text messages, and FaceTime allowed them to keep in touch. They also sent cards, letters, and care packages to each other. Once Michael returned from Afghanistan, they visited each other as much as they could with trips to Florida, Alaska, and anywhere in between. After Emily graduated, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska so they could experience living in the same city. There have been many adventures along the way including hiking, fishing, skiing, and vacations. Just before making the move to California for Michael’s next duty station, he took Emily on a weekend getaway to her favorite ski resort, Alyeska. While there he popped the question on a picturesque snowy mountaintop. They are excited to be getting married in their home state of Ohio and share the occasion with their closest family and friends.
Stacey Meacham